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The Fact about Blue Eyes
Having blue eyes is a privilege especially for women for such eye color is the ultimate symbol for beauty and fertility. Women with such of human eye were always acknowledged beautiful and such became the favorite medium for beauty experts for their beauty experimentations.  Women with blue eyes usually have Caucasian races and such feature could be passed for several generations after her. Scientifically, having blue eyes means the lack of melanin components in the human system and it also means that such person is also very sensitive to light. However, despite this fact, a huge number of people kept wishing they have such eyes.
Women and Their Beautiful Eyes
A woman with beautiful eyes says it all. Sometimes, a human eye is simply more than enough to enhance a woman’s beauty. It is not the eye color, the shape or the texture of the eyes but rather it is more on the expression. Women with strong and sharp eyes were portrays a strong willed woman; a beautiful doe eyed woman signifies innocence and vulnerability; while those with mischievous and sparkling eyes signifies that such woman is fun loving and adventurous. Indeed, by simply just seeing a person through the eyes you would instantly know the kind of person she is and what she is capable of.
Women and Their Brown Eyes
One beautiful feature a woman could ever have is brown eyes.  A brown human eye may vary from light brown, to golden brown and even chocolate brown yet despite all these shades they still came from one ancestral root. Such eyes signify a rich Caucasian race specifically in the European area. Having such eyes somehow adds mysteriousness, seriousness and even calmness.  No one could beat women with brown eyes for such eye color could go along with any kind of eye color shade but they would really look good if you use simple light colors that will make the brownness of the eyes standout. 
The Eye is a Wonderful Organ of Humanity
The drawing of an eye is spectacular.  I have a friend who’s fond of drawing the  human eye, the eye is one of if not the fastest reacting organ in the body, when we feel that our eyelashes feel a slight irritation or even movement, our eyelids would automatically close to protect the sensitive eyes. The brain itself is too slow to process all the images that are slipping inside our retinas that we need to move our eyes and focus on an image constantly when we are moving. The images are then interpreted by our brain and translated into what we see it now. What we actually see every day are images that our brain is projected in our heads, images that are provided by our eyes.
 The window to the soul
Considered religiously as the windows of the soul, the cartoon eye is said to see the good and the evil. The human eye is also our primary sensory organ providing us the first information that we see every day. It also functions as the primary way that we learn about our world and the people that we meet, that is why we tend to often remember the face of a person before we even remember his or her name. One might even say that we learn how to do evil and how to do good deeds with our eyes. The eyes might truly be the window to our souls.

Taking care of our assets
Some people use contact lenses for the purpose of color and some people want to have green eyes.  Sometimes this makes a person at risk because the eye is considered to be very sensitive and abuse of it might lead to loss of focus and slight blindness. The human eye is very interesting.  These were one of the most important evolutionary developments that made the human race the dominant species in the world today. But taking care of our eyes has not been a great priority by many individuals today; there are some that have lost the ability to see because they abused their eyes by overusing it and not eating properly. When we acknowledge the fact that we are only superior individuals when all our senses are functional, that is the time that we will start taking care of ourselves.
 The mammalian super eye system
The mammalian eye is one of the most complex eye systems in the animal world, like the human eye it is also into three main layers. These layers are called tunics, and they are further classified as the fibrous tunic, the vascular tunic and the nervous tunic. Each tunic has different functions and responsibilities; the fibrous tunic is located in the outer part of the eye and is filled with the protein collagen. The second tunic is found in the middle of the eye and contains blood vessels that supply the eye with food and oxygen. The last part is found at the back of the eye and collects the images that we see every day.

 Health Problems with Human Eye
The human eye is probably among the most important body parts for humans. There are common eye problems that a number of us face. Glaucoma is one of the most common eye problems. This affects the optic nerve and can cause loss of vision. Cataract is another and is the clouding of the lens in the eye which is painless. This is usually caused by aging, trauma, or diabetes. As we age, especially when we go over 60, we are susceptible to age-related macular degeneration. This progressively destroys the macula and impairs the central vision. This is painless but cannot be treated once in the advanced stage already.

 Taking Care of the Human Eye
Some sort of human eye problems are common. Some are nearsighted while others are farsighted. If you have 20/20 vision, then you should be in the works to take care of it. Even if you’re not properly taking care of your eyes can prevent other eye problems. Have your eyes checked by your ophthalmologist if you are experiencing any issue with it. This is to have your problems diagnosed right away. It is also safe to have your eyes checked every two years to ensure eye health. Wear sunglasses that have UV protection whenever you’re in the sun. This helps in preventing.

Amazing Facts about the Human Eye
They say that the human eye is the portal to one’s soul like a volcano that acts as a gateway to the center of the earth but enough of the metaphorical alliterations, the eyes serve, single-handedly, as the only avenue for persons to take a peek at whatever it is that they want to glance at. Some facts for you to know about this organ which is mostly used 80% of the time by anyone to gather information within his or her environment is that the cornea is the only part of the human body which does not need blood supply. All newborn babies are still color blind but this condition gradually improves after sometime, the weight of an average adult’s eyeball is approximately an ounce and human eyes blink for more than 27,000 times over the course of a day. 


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